Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I bought comics

My epic, country-spanning victory jig having finally petered out somewhere in the Pacific Northwest in the wee hours of Monday morning, I'm finally ready to wholeheartedly resume the work I love: making fun of comics before I buy them and then failing to follow up with the more in-depth commentary I repeatedly promise and just as repeatedly scrap after realizing it's not funny or insightful. LET'S DO THIS THING!

Here's what I bought last week, or, since I live in a city without a single comic shop, what I asked Scifigenre to stick in a box and mail to me at the end of the month:

Age of the Sentry #3
Air #4
Ambush Bug: Year None #4
The Goon #30

Some comics I didn't buy yet, but somehow feel entitled to comment on anyway, my god, the sheer gall of this man:

Ender's Game: Battle School #2. Fuck Orson Scott Card in the ear. That is all.
Punisher War Journal #25
Scalped #23
Tales to Suffice #1

Batman: Gotham Underground.
Countdown to Final Crisis vol. 4.
Jack Kirby's The Demon Omnibus. Meanwhile, in comics that don't make me want to travel through time and space to beat Johannes Gutenberg into a coma, thus forestalling the invention of the printing press and, eventually, the career of Judd Winick, we have the latest entry in DC's long overdue series of deluxe Jack Kirby reprints. It is good, and you will buy it, or you will be shunned.
The Punisher by Garth Ennis Omnibus. You already know in your heart of hearts whether or not you need a gigantic, 63 dollar, seven and a half pound slab of Ennis' profane, ultraviolent, extraordinarily silly take on the Punisher. For me, the answer was yes.
Vertigo Tarot Deck 20th Anniversary Edition. Includes Aquanet, Floodland on cassette tape, fishnet shirt (unisex) and heavy-duty tear-resistant mascara! No, I'm not buying this, I just wanted an excuse to point and laugh and link to this video.

And this week's releases:
Batman #681. "Note price," sez Diamond. Duly noted!
Blue Beetle #33
Unknown Soldier #2
Wolverine First Class #9

This week's trades:
American Elf vol. 3. The third collected volume of James Kochalka (Superstar)'s daily diary comic.
The Best of Tharg's Future Shocks.
Gilbert Hernandez's Sloth is now available in TPB if you didn't pick it up in hardcover. Congratulations, your two and a half years of fiscal vigilance has saved you five dollars, you savvy consumer, you!
Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack vol. 2.

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