Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Comics for the week of September 15, 2008

Reviews to follow tomorrow, along with some books of interest from the last few weeks. Via the indispensible Savage Critic, or Savage Critics, I'm not sure.

Weak, floppy, vulnerable singles:
Action Comics #869
Air #2
All-Star Superman #12
Checkmate #30. Checkmate. Number. Thirty. There will be a reckoning for this, Mr. Jones.
DC Universe: Decisions #1. Between this and DC Universe: Last Will and Testament, I'm starting to have a Pavlovian response to the words "DC Universe." It is not the good kind of Pavlovian response, with the drooling and so forth.
Greatest Hits #1
Marvel Zombies Pirates Ninjas Apes #2
Robin #178
Star Trek: Assignment Earth #5. No, not really, but damn if I'm not curious. A Star Trek comic with hot Nixon-on-Nixon action that, I have just now learned in the process of finding a copy of the cover I can link to, is written and drawn by notorious Internet crank John Byrne? Hmm. HMMM.
Titans #5. I am watching you, Winick.

I'm watching you.

and True Believers #3.

Some other excellent comics had issues out this week- Joe Casey's Godland and a Jason Aaron twofer with Ghost Rider and Scalped- but since I'm following Scalped and Godland in trades and haven't caught up on Ghost Rider yet, I can't really say much about 'em.

And in firm, unyielding trades:
...nothing, this week. Anticlimactic! I'm interested in Superman: Kryptonite by Messrs. Cooke and Sale, but not $29.99 interested, and while I'll probably end up buying the trade of Mignola and Alexander's Abe Sapien mini, it'll be after I've finished buying the rest of the BPRD trades. Yes, even after Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus. What can I say? I can't resist a dude named Lobster Johnson. Lobster Johnson!

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